Autoyear #2k16

Every late November, right after Thanksgiving weekend, Over The Rock will decide the auto-champs of the year, rounding out the best-in-class and deciding which is best. Which cars take the gold medal this year?         The Best Compact Crossovers… Crossovers have been quickly gaining massive ground in the U.S, mainly for their perfect […]

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Amping Down

The U.S could be on the verge of economic collapse, and the only way to save it is through the government. We’re screwed.   “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” It’s a saying we’ve heard millions of times, and it’s the motto that justifies the laziness of a man. The thing is, the saying is […]

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Google’s latest ambitions are blurring the lines of the company and it’s rich, innovative and open diversity. Is it for better or worse?

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