The best smartphones of 2016

Let’s face it- 2016 has been a interesting year for technology. VR, Augmented reality, Echo, the Note 7, etc.  However, one of the most interesting change that we saw in 2016 is the budget smartphone market. Companies that put flagship-rivaled abilities into sub-500 dollar boxes. And then there are those who actually made paying over […]

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Let’s be real for a sec- 2016 has been VERY kind to Starbucks. It became a social media rock-star,  with selfies with their iconic frappuccino  mocha, teavana, etc. Starbucks quickly became a millennial hotspot for a quick bite , and their seasonal additions helped them become even more popular. In fact, the company has become […]

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OVTR Photoshoot: NYC 2k16

Every few months, I like to go places an explore. Lucky for you, I also love to shoot photos. Early in Fall 2k16, I explored the greatness of the Big Apple. Explore, choose, and gaze through dozens of 100% original, free to use pictures taken in the adventure. All these photos were shot on my […]

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