The spec-superhero of Q1 2017

Specs? Here they are. It’s new flagship that holds a 5.5-inch 4K display that crams 801 pixels per inch, which make it scientifically impossible to see pixels on the screen. Sadly enough, it still has an LCD, despite the fact that it’s a pretty gorgeous one. It can shoot at 960 frames per second. That’s bewilderingly slow- almost to the point in which you may not even want to shoot it. That’s an insane specification for a slo-mo cam. It’s got an incredible 19MP Sony-built camera, with a 16MP front facing camera to compliment it. Then, when it comes down to performance, this phone actually holds(belive it or not) a Snapdragon 835 chipset. Incredible. It’s expected to be a great chipset. Not to mention it’s married with a pretty decent 4GB of RAM. It also includes IP68 water and dust resistance and upscaled high-resolution audio.

It’s not a Samsung. It’s not the LG G6, and it sure as heck isn’t an iPhone. It’s a Sony. The Sony XZ Premium, to be exact. It’s quite possibly the most unexpected, unanticipated, and unknown product to make a splash at MWC- and now, it’s stealing the show, along with the LG G6, and Huawei P10. Sure it’s to less of a degree, but it’s stealing the show nevertheless. Which is better than what Sony usually gets.

Although the XZ Premium most likely won’t be the one to overtake the iPhone 7 (my bet goes to the P10) in longevity RAM testing, it’s still got a chance, and a better one than it’s predecessors as well. (My money goes to the P10) .

The XZ Premium also looks quite terrific, boasting Sony’s signature design, a simple rectangle, sandwiched by two sheets of glass, accented with a shiny, glossy,black or an equally bright white, with a screen that barely borders the sides of the phone, but squished with two ig bezels on the top and bottom. (Honestly, if that means a 16Mp selfie cam, and a sweet mic, I’ll take it.)

Sony is known to get a lot of specs for their phone, and it’s what their flagship series has become notorious for-but with Samsung not presenting anything new, Sony has a chance to fill in (no matter how temporarily) the spec-monster sector, although most have become generally ignorant of numbers, and focus on what’s in front of them: great software. Hopefully, the clunkiness of Sony’s overlay on top of Android will finally hit an end with this generation.

I’m still skeptical of Sony’s success, but for the first time, in a long time, I think that the Z5 Premium might acutally have a future to look forward to.




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