OVTRK Photoshoot: Chicago- P2/3

I once thought that shooting the city is an easy, one-click job. To summarize, I’ve learned my lesson. I can confidently say that a dry, cloudy day is stale in emotion and makes a decent light source hard to find. Luckily, dramatization isn’t just limited to light. Enjoy.

Shots/commentary by Shaurya Pandya. Shot on the Nexus 5x.


This building is quite easily one of the more intriguing products of Chicago’s architectural culture; it’s narrow, more triangular base make it seem like the building is upside down.  This was actually a fairly easy picture to shoot- it was a well lit setting coupled with a interesting idea.


This shot was a bit harder- the buildings are not nearly as unique, and adding exposure to the picture would make the distracting light even bigger than it is.However, I actually like it this way. I do this kind of shot often with my shots to add some shadowed dramatization to the picture.


This one is a favorite of mine- it’s minimal with the building, and the stark lighting adds a ton of edge to an already edgy setting. Couple that up with dramatic clouds, and it hits all the right points.


I don’t know why this picture seems so much like a deja vu to me- maybe I’ve seen a similar shot before, or maybe it’s relaxed, homey atmosphere takes me back to the days when I first took up photography. It’s a really nice break from the more rushed part of the city.


Did you know that Cloudgate is commonly referred to as “The Bean”? I didn’t. It sure looks like one. But I still see it as a beautiful abstract slab of metal which forces you to scamper around it on a cloudy day to get some drama. Apparently, it also cost about $22M to make. That’s one heck of an expensive bean.


You know I’m a fan of bridges, but this one is just nuts. It’s freaking gorgeous, but a pain to shoot. You’ve got to play a ton with the angles to get the reflection and the mood just right.


It got cold, so I visited what I believe is some sort of indoor garden near the Children’s museum. It’s pretty cool, and I find the fountain to be a playful distraction from the otherwise serious city.



I didn’t use any sort of bouquet effect with this, but come up close and lock your focus, and boom. There’s your bouquet effect.


These trees are a pleasure to shoot- the mean, spiky leaves contrast perfectly with the softness of the wood and leaves around it.


The sun was bursting it’s rays behind these buildings, and I found myself sitting at the perfect angle at the best time. A few tricks with exposure, shutter speed, and brightness, and somehow I got a pretty incredible shot out of it. Had this been planned, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten a better shot. Everything just clicked.


This shot is incredibly versatile in my opinion- it’s got color, shadows, buisiness, emotion, and clarity all rolled into one. Messing with the shutter speed and exposure really helped this picture come through.


And, that’s it for today’s photoshoot. Part 3 comes out this week, along with a few other eventful posts as well.




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