Android O beta SUCKS!

Android O beta is quite honestly the most unstable Android Beta I’ve seen in a while (granted, I don’t recall installing  7.0 beta). I’ve encountered numerous problems, from app crashes, lack of support, and increased lag. But, that’s justifiable- it’s like every other beta- unstable. However, it’s battery life (especially on airplane mode) has gotten […]

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I’ve really wanted to steer away from this topic- it’s heartbreaking to wake up to this kind of stuff so often. But I can’t just let it slide by. I can’t just let this happen over and over again. So here I am, and this one’s for those we lost that day. Manchester- this is […]

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so…fidget spinners.

I don’t really think I need to inform you on what fidget spinners are, unless you live under the rock. In that case, welcome, glad to have you. And in that case, fidget spinners are things that spin. That’s it. Initially marketed as a tool to combat and lessen the effects of ADHD hand similar, […]

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hunter avallone: stfu.

  “When on earth are we gonna just wake up? Islam cannot and will not ever coincide  with the Western world. Islam is the greatest cancer on this entire planet.” Hunter Avallone, YouTube Personality, 2017. Hunter, if we replace the word Islam with you, that statement would be more accurate than the one that you […]

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