The OnePlus 5- the GOOD iPhone of Androids?

Everyone ready for the OnePlus 5? I sure am. This flagship-killing beast is soon to arrive, and it’s camera leaks (if accurate) could mean that it’s got a whopping camera.

And, as usual from OnePlus, Snapdragon’s already incredible 835 chipset is expected to make an appearance on this phone. We can also expect it to, once again, have upwards of 5 Gigs of RAM, plenty enough to get through your day. Minor perfections on the already great dash charge, speakers, and battery are sure to occur.

But, let’s talk about design, because nobody’s really sure on how it’s going to look. If it’s bezeless and get’s the back from it’s older brother, holy crap, that’s a match made in heaven. And because OnePlus is so aggressive with attacking the flagships, this may not be far off. Of course, it also might still hold thicker bezels in it’s place, but when you’re not paying upwards of $500, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

And of course, a fairly stock Android experience, great feel, and an incredibly well rounded screen should also arrive, like we have expected from OnePlus.

But then again, a major overhaul is due.

OnePlus really needs to revamp up their game, and they are notorious for being able to provide when we really need them to.

And leaked schematics by PhoneArena do suggest that we will indeed see one, with 2 dual 23/16MP cameras, a much smaller (but not GS8) bezels, a metal design, and yes- A S35, 6GB of RAM, running on the quiet pure Oxygen OS- which translates to what could possibly be the makeup of what could make the OP5 one of the best phones of 2017. And like the iPhone 7, one of , if not the best RAM performance device available.

And, it could really be a good iPhone of Androids. A flagship black, simple, clean, and well priced, it takes me back to the glory days when the iPhone once outpaced the cheap old Android.

And, like we all know, OnePlus doesn’t fail to disappoint. And that’s all we know for now.


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