It’s confirmed; the OnePlus 5 will look like an iPhone 7 knockoff.

OnePlus has never been known to be a good secret-keeper. And in this case, they showed off the phone’s appearance before their Keynote Address on June 20th. Tsk, tsk.

But more importantly, the new OnePlus 5 looks very similar to the iPhone 7, according to the OnePlus Google Plus account, which posted the look just a few hours ago.

The phone’s back plate features the OnePlus logo, right above the visual center of the phone, masked by a dual-camera setup to the utmost left, and the antenna’s curving around the borders of the phone.

This is really a spat on the OnePlus tag on innovation. It’s really is unrestrainedly dreary to see them copy off of another’s design so explicitly, and I find that it’s really indefensible for OnePlus to even mention the design to the slightest extent. Mind you, the back (which was all that is shown), looks immensely well sculpted. But copying off of the iPhone 7 Plus is really a shabby move from….OnePlus. No pun intended.



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