Strike III- OnePlus cheated on benchmarks. What the hell is happening?

We all know that you can’t tell how good a book is from looking from it’s cover. But hey, you can get an idea. And the same goes with phone benchmarks, except, maybe just the taddiest bit…techier.

And possibly for that reason, OnePlus modified their 3, 3T, and now, 5, to appear more powerful than what they really are, by re-programming the chip-set to behave at lower frequencies with smaller cores, and a constant frequency with the bigger cores, meaning that the benchmark score would lower the variance needed to accurately determine the score of the phone, when using these benchmark testing apps. The lower variance means that more core action can be tested in a singular frequency, inaccurately increasing the score for the smartphone.

This is the third time they did this- so I ask-

What the hell is going on with OnePlus??

The phones have gotten better in specs, but that’s really it. The company seems to be grasping for oxygen at this point, when it comes to branding itself as the “flagship killer”, when, in fact, their phones are pricier, less innovative, and frankly- too bland, to truly compete with it’s lower priced competition. Specs can only get you so far. Remember the sandstone, replaceable back? That was pretty nice.

Remember the seriously low price? That was nice too. And so was the design, and the specs were decent- but it’s software featured a plethora of creative twists that one could use, and it was a brand glowing with the prosperity that is innovation. Now, one can expect little from OnePlus, besides bumping in a ton of specs onto a slightly cheaper device.

That ain’t going to do much sh*t, because for only $100 more dollars, I can get a brand-name, bezel-less phone that has a better camera, sometimes a better build, and a better display, which makes the products by OnePlus far less attractive than they used to be.

By trying to refine themselves, they lost the identity that gave them the hype and excitement that propelled them to the position they are in, in the first place, If they even want a shot at matching the innovation from Xiomi and Huawei, both of which have grown up so suddenly, they are going to have to resort back to their roots, making a device, and a name that’s genuinely interesting again, or they just become one with the crowd.

One that cheats, hikes up prices, and make plain devices. They have 2 ways to go, and if they don’t address these issues quick, One Plus could just be one-plus everyone else.

Which, ironically, is the field they had come into to try and destroy.


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