sheath and sword: The Final Blow; S1E13

What’s the limit?

That’s my question to the CollegeBoard.

Let’s see if one day, they become educated enough to properly answer the question. Till then, let’s talk about what these “educational products” are really doing for the nation.

“Sixty-six of those who died were aged between 10 and 17 – five of them were younger than 14. Those behind the report said a death by suicide was often not down to one single cause, and could come after a build-up of different stresses. Professor Louis Appleby, director of the inquiry, said: “There are often family problems such as drug misuse or domestic violence and more recent stresses such as bullying or bereavement, leading to a ‘final straw’ factor such as an exam or relationship breakdown.”

-The Telegraph, 2016.

That’s right- a final exam could often be one of the final reasons a student decides to end his/her life. A final exam, which is likely covering subjects that the student could not possibly care about to the slightest extent. One that he/she won’t ever use. That, right there, is the ending reason. A paper full of meaningless information. That scares depressed kids all the way over the edge.

That’s the kind of education system that influences our kids today, in which it leaves the impression even a single bad test is capable for bad-marking your future for ages to come, when there are kids who go through so many personal and home issues, where some are not as good as taking tests, and where some, frankly, have better things to do, like learn a subject they could actually use later on.

The fact is, our system has focused on easy-to-calculate and score systems to determine how good we are at something, rather than taking the time to focus on the actual education part.

We’re the consumers here- we pay the taxes, and we are the ones that keep our public schools flowing, and yet, the education system isn’t teaching us what it should-

“Teens in a just-released national study reported that nearly one in five of their classmates drink, use drugs and smoke during the school day, and more than a third said it is fairly easy to do so without getting caught.”

-Newstimes, 2012

There are kids, easily accessing drugs out there. Drugs relive stress, which is generally a byproduct of exams. People get addicted to substances- some of which are teenagers. there’s bullying issues going out there, social issues, that teens find themselves in right now. The education system doesn’t tell kids how to behave in life, it doesn’t teach kids subjects that they could use in life. and instead are a source of stress for the students.

Are you telling me that learning what logarithms are is more important in my life than learning about avoiding harmful substances and ow to react to negativity? How to react in a terrible situation. In the teenage years, the brain develops. Fast. And these are the characteristics our system is giving to them. Some people kill themselves over this, because the system didn’t properly cover equality. It didn’t provide a space where different students can succeed. Instead, it created a system that benefits it the most.

Hundreds of teens kill themselves because of school, a place where you are supposed to LEARN. Not a place where you get into drugs, get bullied, and memorize useless information.

According to The Jason Foundation, “Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 5,240 attempts by young people grades 7-12” (JasonFoundation).

There are students living in crisis out there, with no idea how to handle real life situations. Many of them.


But yeah, continue teaching about logarithms, because I’ll need them the moment I walk out the door.



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