the nighttime

I haven’t done a rambling post in quite a while, so I guess I’m doing one now.

So, the nighttime.

I’ve always been a big fan of the night. It’s when the city really feels like it’s coming alive, crowded by the contrast of lights paired with the black, inky background that is the sky. If you ever take time to take a stroll in the evening, you’d know what I mean. It’s really something else entirely. The nightlife, almost always a party scene, is energetic, and anything but sleepy. And on a warm, drizzling night, it’s hard to find a view that beats it- at least for me.

I want to talk about the night because I have a connection with it. It’s when my ideas almost always come to form. It’s the time where I really get to reflect on my day, and myself, and there’s a subtle calmness- a certain chill, that allows me to utilize this creativity.

From my memory, I’ve always been a nighttime person since I was a teenager. When I was a kid, I would always have this fear of thunderstorms, but after no strikes of lighting came close to me, I guess I grew out of that phase and got fascinated by the glow of the road when the rain hits the road, surrounded by all the colorful lamps around me.

But my real fascination with the night came when I went to New York City. I remember getting on the bus tour there, during the sunset, and  once that happened, the city looked even more gorgeous than ever before.

It came alive like you’ve never seen it come alive.

Times Square was bustling with the shining yellow of cabs and walkers, with the bright ads masking the city. The stores lit up the city in different shades anywhere you went, and the breezy day tamed the heat to the perfect temperature. Had I been 18, I would have walked the city that night, but I didn’t. It’s a memory that sticks with you.

I saw the light of New York again that trip, atop the Rockefeller Center. And to this day, that’s still my favorite building-elevator experience that I’ve had.

You see, in the night, there’s a whole mix of people out there. You’ve got the party folks, who are living the life to the fullest. Then you’ve got the late night workers- the guys who are super energetic,, who blend their creativity furiously with their energy outside a Starbucks. Then, you’ve got the wanderers, just walking alone to enjoy the night. There are the foodies, the ones who go and dine at 12 in the morning, and the occasional tourist, who’s either coming back to their airbnb, taking dinner, our touring a city, if that’s where you are.

This blend is inspiring, colorful, and in a word, extravagant.

That’s what makes the night so amazing.


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