You may soon lose access to YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and a whole lot of other services.

Read this. All of you. I know these two words- net neutrality-seem intimidating, but they aren’t. Just, read on.

Net Neutrality, in short, allows you to access whatever is in the public internet without your internet provider slowing down, or possibly censoring your access to whatever websites they want. To summerize, at it’s worst, net neutrality protects the internet from being like Cable TC.

And the Federal Commission of Communications wants to remove net neutrality, giving total control of the internet to the providers, not the people.

In a few days, millions of American websites could be at the mercy of major companies, and if they want to grow, they have to oblige to their rules. And it will also destroy the web as we know it. That is, if the FCC votes to take out Net Neutrality.

In short, Net Neutrality is what keeps the web free. It allows us to freely express ourselves, and to keep our freedom of speech intact. Without Net Neutrality, corruption becomes a far easier thing for big companies to perform, without the public knowing. Illegal partnerships can occur, and the only people who can have the access of knowing that information are the companies engaged in the activity.

This is serious stuff. Criminal actions can now be censored. Any exposure of what these big companies have done cannot be accessed through that company’s internet. But there a real nightmare scenario.

The government can now influence what we can and can’t see on the internet very easily. All it takes is a deal with the biggest internet providers, and just like that, anything that the government wants to shut down, they can. All it takes is a little bit of dirt and cash, and the public can no longer know what the hell is going on. But there’s more to taking out net-neutrality.

These service providers can take advantage of their position and charge-yes, charge, sites to have themselves on the Internet. This means that soon, your fees for Netflix, could be dependent heavily on your internet provider. And for services like YouTube and Facebook, you might need to pay, even for the base plan. 

There are many sites out there that work to expose the wrongful actions of different, corrupt companies and officials. and praise those that they deem clean, just like this very site. We are protected under the freedom of speech. Anytime somebody does something wrong, I can call them out, and anyone with an internet connection with America can know.

This is dangerous.

The only way these unjust actions by different companies can be noticed is if somebody notices it and calls them out. Then somebody else sees it, and then more people take notice. It holds the people ruling this world accountable for what they do- gives them consequences for all their actions. It protects the people of America. It protects their speech, and their safety.

Yep. That’s right. Safety.  Your search history can be sold on the market right now, and take this nightmare scenario into hand.

Say you trash At&T,  or Brighthouse, for a bad deal. They buy your search history, and now, on their own internet, and release some of it. And this could be at the wrong time, when you are looking for a house, or even looking up your own. Congrats. Now everyone on the network has access to your address.

Then there’s the media. CNN articles that should be read can’t show up. Your favorite Netflix Episode featured an article that just had some beef with your network. Want to watch YouTube? Don’t expect any videos that will tell you about what our president is doing in office. The ban, if it takes place, could be in effect without the knowledge of any of us knowing.

Information- serious information, entertaining information. Information YOU get every day is no longer available for the public.

Without Net Neutrality, the internet will be under the control of major corparations who will now have the ability to blackmail and monopolize themeslevles like never before.

We can’t speak out then. Nobody can hear us.

So speak up now.

Without Net Neutrality, this site will now be at the mercy of internet providers. And so will YouTube. Spotify. Facebook. Services you rely on.

Without Net Neutrality, pieces of the internet would be fragmented. What we know now, we won’t know anymore. 

This is not something we should ignore. This is a democracy. I wish I was exaggerating. I’m not.

So please, protect it.

Go to, and tell them that if they vote against Net Neutrality, they will ruin the internet for almost everyone. And when word spreds, everyone will know who jacked up the internet for them.



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