real; The Stock Trader S1E3

“I’m Adam. Pleased to meet you”.

And just like that, we start talking. I don’t know hy, but it feels really good to talk to this guy. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really talked to anyone in the past day, but whatever the case, we talk. A lot. We start off with the food, and somewhere along the way, we are talking about bus seats. And eventually, he drops the question.

“Hey, man, you seem like a smart kid. Where are you from?”

“Ann Arbor”

“Cool, you visiting? Why’d you choose to come to Chicago?”

And I don’t know why, but I tell him everything. I tell him about the ride, I tell him about missing the bus, and for some reason, I make the crazy decision to tell him I’m here alone.

Fortunately, Will is a nice guy, so he offers me his phone to call my mom and dad. I look outside, and in that instant I realize something. I’m here. Alone. For the first time I’m independent. My parents- they never let me step foot outside the neighborhood without them behind me. They’ve controlled every aspect of my life, what I wear, what I buy. My decision has no input. Ever. This taste of independence feels too good to let go, but I’ve already made so many stupid decisions in the past 24 hours, I decide to make another one. A short escape to Chicago doesn’t sound that bad to me. 

I say no.

He looks the slightest bit confused for why I don’t, but he let’s go if it quickly.

We talk more.

I learn that Will doesn’t just on this restaurant, but a massive share of restaurants in Chicago. Nearly 30%. And he’s profited from all of them. Every single one.

That sthe tip of the iceberg.

William is a stock exchange broker, which, in exchange, means that he, by himself has a lot of experience trading stocks. I won’t get into the specifics, but it turns out that he is one of the most successful stick exchange broker in Chicago.

My interest goes exponentially higher, and now I’m seriously involved in what we are talking about. By the time it’s 1, I’ve learned what it truly means to take a gamble. And then he asks me a question. 

“Hey, why didn’t you want to call your parents?”

And when I tell him why, he says something incredible.

“Kid, I’m gonna teach you how to become one of the greatest gamblers the world has ever seen”

That confirms it. I think I’m going crazy. Why? 

Because I say that sounds amazing.

And I mean it.


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