if clinton won.

I came across this article today, which had a very similar name. It was set in the alternative earth in which Clinton won. But for a second, lets take this into hand. What if just a few more people came to vote- most of which, in terms of popular vote , would have most likely supported her. What if a few more cars would have come to the polls? What if Clinton won?

We don’t really consider some of the small things that would have occured, had Hillary Clinton taken the win. Some great things, and some frightening things.

Starting from the moment she hit 270, riots and protests would have blown up around the U.S, centered mostly in the Midwest and southern middle of the center, in the U.S, with signs flashing out the imfamous MAGA symbol, some of which would have “Crooked Hillary” wording badged around their signs. It would’ve gotten pretty ugly, some turning violent, and some resorting to flat-out bigoted, and borderline racist remarks by some. 

Donald Trump’s Twitter would have blown up that night, with explosive tweets possibly demeaning America’s decision, calling out her email scandal, and, of course, calling the election one full of illegal voting and influence from the “fake news media”, containing bashing of CNN, Washington Post, and TNYT. Other tweets would bash the Democrats for holding America back, and choosing an “Obama 2.0”. Reactions wouldn’t spark much among the Democrats, who would now be celebrating the victory, as well as a good clump of Republicans.

Getting into office, inauguration crowd would have most certainly be shrunken from that of Obama’s Presidency. One wouldn’t be surprised to see that DJT would bash the size of these crowds on his Twitter. The women’s March crowd would be heavily intergraded into the inauguration crowd, and the back would be full of the similar protesting from those who disliked her, plus or minus a bit of crowd.

Getting into office, not much would change, in terms of policies, as hers closely matched that of Obama’s. Shocker. 

James Comey would still be the FBI director, and would most likely not be removed from office. We would however see a fully Liberal advantage in supreme.clurt, either empty or with a liberal judge, either, or similar to Merrick.  

In the corruption environment, Clinton would be under close watch under both the Republicans and FBI for her future emailing position, as well as closely monitering her private server to see how many more emails contained confidential information. Similar to what is happening to DJT and the Liberals, many Trump supporters  would overreact to what is happening, talking about a President Kaine. Speaking of emails, investigation of Russian involvement in the election would still be around, but would be spoken with less attention, to the point in which DJT Juniors emails may have not been revealed to the public, nor would there be a firing of Come. In short, Donald Trump’s popularity, good and bad, would fade, and with it, so would his Russia scandal’s attention. Quickly.

Clinton, for the next two years would be unable to pass the bills she promised on, thanks to the opposition in power of Congress. Instead, more bills would be bi-partisian, meaning what she passes would potentially be more conservative than what Obama was able to introduce. More bills would succeed under Clinton, however it would be to the party standard that Trump has the advantage of having.

In foreign affairs, she would have a field day with foreign leaders, as she is the first female president of America- her realtions with Justin Trudeau, Nieto, Merkel, Macron, etc. However relations with Russia would most certainly be shaky, and her relation with P.M Modhi wouldn’t differ much from Obama. 

The Paris Accords wouldn’t have been bashed, nor would there be such exitement be in modern politics. Things would quickly be cing back to how they were pre-2016.

Her approval rating would still be quite low, withering around the low 40’s kark consistently for the first 100 days and she would still face a very tough opposition to the Sanders left, which would hold her accountable just as harshly as they have done to Trump.

In the world of heathcare, ObamaCare wouldn’t be touched much, as more left  changes would be prevented from the congressional right. Despite tough opposition, Clinton would still be able to keep her support intact, make a good amount of public appearances, and keep America in a far more stable and less frightening position than it is now.

However her promises wouldn’t be made to even a satisfactory standard, until the midterms in 2018, where if the Democrats take the win, she would be able to introduce fiery legistation that would be able to make up for a position of the lag that she had in the beginning. If the Republicans would win the middterms, more focus of her Presidency would be kept on her role as a leader, promoting feminism, equality, and strong foreign relations. Obama’s legacy would be intact, and the political culture in 2016 would soon fade.

Racism would continue as usual, but would be of much higher attention, and those who would support it’s implications would very quickly be shut down. 

In short, Clinton would be a different president than Obama, focusing on building the character and image America has in the world, rather than legistation. However, the issues of poor healthcare coverage, economic gap,  and government ruling would most certainly be just as devastating as they were under Obama, of not slightly worse under Clinton. 

However, under Clinton, equality and overall for treatment would be much more influential, the image of America would be kept sane, and despite a good bunch of slip-ups, America would run in a more progressive fashion, slowly shutting down the voices of the far-right, making it much more flaming in the election of 2020, where she would still face mass difficulty for broken promises, emails, and hiccups.in Presidency, while being praised for the image America has been given, and how the left has been able to succeed well under her leadership, which does mean that she would be a great leader for her party, but not so much for the rest. 

But considering the circumstances, that’s basically how politics work these days.


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