Trades: The Stock Trader; S1E4

I walk out of the cafe. It’s 1’o’clock. I go to the first 10 people I see and tell then to come there for a bite. I tell ten because I’m feeling generous, and I want to get on his good side. 

I walk around Chicago for the day, going in and out of buildings just for the fun of it, and chill a bit at the park. I’ll be honest, I really wish that I had my phone on me. 

I sit right next to Cloudgate, or The Bean as pretty much everyone else calls it over here. I watch the distorted mirror fascinate the faces of the hundreds crowded along there, lapsing my time just doing that. It’s warm outside and I’m tired as hell. I’m by myself. 

Nobody can call me out here but Will. And he’s back in the cafe. 

So I lie down and close my eyes.

Its around 4 ‘o’clock right now.

It’s 8’o’clock now. I feel refreshed. I feel hungry. I don’t feel regret.

I walk around the streets of Chicago once again, watching the sun set, giving me a marvelous sight to view for as long as I want. This really is freedom.

The beautiful architecture, the warm, breezy wind, the lights slowly beginning to pop up, and the smell of dinner rushes around me. Every second I don’t blink, I’m astounded by the beauty of Chicago. There’s just one thing. I’m effing starving.

I call up Will, who thankfully gave me his phone number when I left , and I called him up. Im at the intersection closest to the left of the Willis Tower. He tells me to stay there. He also said he’s going o teach me his first lesson.

When he comes, he’s strolling around in a beige Blazer and dress pants, white shirt, and a brown lesser watch to go with his brown leather shoes, his head pointed to the surprisingly clean florrs of Chicago. I yell “Will!”, and he puts his head up and waves. 

He comes to me. He looks around hastily, and walks me away from the cop nearby, and pulls something out of my pocket.

“Make sure nobody else knows that I’m giving this to you”.

He puts something in my hand, and it’s not what you probably think it is. It’s a piese of paper, kind of in the manilla shade you see on those boring office buildings. He tells me that it contains non-disclosed finantial information of the buisness nearby, with their stock prices, revenue, overall ratings and consumer interest right down to the minute.

“Make a choice on what buisness hee ande you think would be able to give you the most money tell me why”

“I’m starving right now- why the **** do I need to do this for you to give a plate of food?”

“Who said I’m paying for your meal?”


” Fine. Obviously, I’m going with Abercrombie and Fitch, because we are on the verge of summer weather, which means that more people are looking for summer clothes. Their stock price, according to your chart, has been going consistently up in the past 22 days, and their revenue has too. Like I said, I believe that’s probably because it’s summer. Many more people live here than tour here, which means that the tours, although expensive, take bigger hits from negative reviews, which isn’t the case with Abercrombie, because it’s popular, and it’s in the right season.”

“Alright then, come with me”

We walk to Abercrombie and Fitch, and Will somehow smooth talks his way to the owner. 

“Excuse me sir, this kid right here would like to invest 2 dollars into your shop right now for a portion of it’s local stock.”

Flabbergasted, I responded by saying that you trade stocks for companies, not local stores.

The owner chuckles.

“That’s what you think. Actually theres a whole underground trading operation in Chicago, which h focuses just on the stores over here so people can make some serious cash. In fact, some people find it to be better than trading on Wall Street just because if the insane flexibility this operation gives you. We call it the Beige-Blazer Tunnel. Why it is called it, I don’t know. I just call it the BBig Suit Exchange”

Will looks at me and we trade a Glance. He realizes that I’m not confident in trading my only 2 dollars in, so he tells me that the only way I’ll be able to survive in Chicago with 2 bucks is if I invest or if Im willing to eat dollar store toys for as long as my 2 bucks last.

From the looks of it, I have nothing to lose, so I give him the two bucks. He then process to print out some document the size of a receipt and hands it over to me. 

We walk out.

I’m shaking and I’m about to cry. I have enough money and I’m in Chicago. Unless I can earn my money back in the next 15 minutes, I’m calling my parents asap. 
Will taps my shoulder and tells me that even if it looks grim right now, its better than trying to use two bucks to get dinner and a place to stay. Regardless of when my parents come. 

He has a point.

So I ask him what I need to do next.

He tells me that to make money off of what I did, I have to sell this document to another person willing to buy the stock.  He said that these traders all have one common thing in common. When they are willing to trade and purchase a local stock, they wear a beige blazer, brown accents, beige pants, a light colored shirt, and have their hair slicked back, if they have hair.

I take a good look at Will. 

Yep, it all checks in.

We walk north, and I see 3 guys who match the criteria of a local trader. But I odmt just walk up to the fist one I see. In order to maximize my revenue from this stock, I need to find the guy with the worst of the tux and watch. I do t have their names or their portfolios, and I hate judging a book by its cover, but I really have to other option at this point.

The furthest guy from me and Will is my main targets. His suit isn’t well fit, the shoes look like Asic Tennis shoes died brown, and the strap of the watch sticks out to the point in which it can be seen from a mile away. 

He seems like the guy that doesn’t like to spend on risky stock. This might be a good fit.

I tell him about the stock and instantly he offers me 35 bucks for it. While we were walking the stock value of the store rose. By a lot. Becuase there’s a massive sale going on.

I take the money and Will asks me where I want to eat. I choose this place called Andiamo, and when we get there I have the best 12 dollar meal I’ve ever had in my life.

My 2 bucks turned into 35. 

30- effin 5.


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