The Final Blow S2E3: Day 3

Time for the third question. Let’s just get this done ASAP. So here is. Question Numero 3. We’re going back to the same passage as there was on the one of the first day. Make things a bit quicker for me by not flipping and cherry-picking for 20 minutes. As used in line 26, “directed” […]

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The Final Blow S1E3, day 2.

Here’s the sentence: “One of the big reasons behind workers’ lack of sleep is the work itself.” Answers: A. NO CHANGE B. Main things leading up to. C. Huge things about. D. Primary causes of. The CollegeBoard identifies this answer as D. And all things considered, they have a point on this one. It’s less […]

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New Section- Culture

So I’ve been adding a few new experiments into my life- things such as cooking, more traveling, more music- just, more experience in general. And I want to share it with you all, so I’m excited to announce that I’m going to have a new Culture section on the blog, where I’ll talk about anything […]

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Glance review!

Well, my new phone came into the mail today. More on that later. But for the past 2 weeks I haven’t had a phone, I used the only other tool I had in my arsenal. It’s this cloud based OS that can be used on any device. I’m talking about Glance- that thing I made […]

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Nexus 5x- RIP review…

Well, it happened. Techies, you know what I mean. A little over a week ago, my daily driver breathed it’s unexpected last the same way almost every other Nexus 5x does. The infuriating startup of death. I was literally just listening to music on the bus, when it unexpectedly shut off. I truned it back […]

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