iPhone- Happy 10th Birthday!

I know I’ve been kind of harsh to the iPhone, talking about it’s lack of competency when compared to the competition. But before all that, before Android could remotely have a shot at being the system it is today, there was something better. Something innovative. Something new. 10 Years and 1 day ago, Steve Jobs […]

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Here’s what you need to know about Microsoft’s Build event today.

Today, Microsoft unveiled more or less, cut and dry updates on Windows 10 and the Microsoft ecosystem. It’s not necessarily compelling, however, it is a welcome improvement to an already well-established system. We saw the release of Fluent Design, which is Microsoft’s new design standard, moving away from metro. It’s designed to be more fluid, […]

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The Galaxy S8- Redemption?

We all remember the Note 7. It was an explosive hit- a stunning chasse, great specs, and it made great use of its big dimensions. The phone was so hot…it eventually burst into flames, crashed and burned, scorched to the point of no return. Well, at least for a few months, anyways. But it’s 2017 […]

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A question about Google’s CEO….

Pichai. A CEO of a world-leading company. It’s extremely profitable. It’s leader holds extreme talent and influence. He is in the position to help their motherland- which they owe a lot to (Food,water, parent’s, environment, and influence). The question is- is he doing wrong by not helping India out, now that they are in the […]

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Is Snapchat a buy? ……maybe.

Snap Inc. has got to be one of the most awaited public stock of the half-decade. It’s vastly popular among millennials and Gen Z alike. It’s become extremely popular after it’s release in 2011- with a notoriously productive idea of disappearing messages. Privacy is perfectly kep, chats are minimal, and it’s an effective and speedy […]

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