if clinton won.

I came across this article today, which had a very similar name. It was set in the alternative earth in which Clinton won. But for a second, lets take this into hand. What if just a few more people came to vote- most of which, in terms of popular vote , would have most likely […]

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Trudeau, explained.

  I assume that many of you American leaders out there that constantly get baffled any time I say Justin Trudeau. If you don’t follow this blog closely, that is. But Justin Trudeau is quite an intriguing figure in national politics, and for you political lovers out there, knowing the basics of the strange phenomenon […]

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hunter avallone: stfu.

  “When on earth are we gonna just wake up? Islam cannot and will not ever coincide  with the Western world. Islam is the greatest cancer on this entire planet.” Hunter Avallone, YouTube Personality, 2017. Hunter, if we replace the word Islam with you, that statement would be more accurate than the one that you […]

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