Should Batman end the Joker?

The question is clear. The sides are made, with brutal support for both ends. And I haven’t done a philosophical post in a while, so I decided to talk about this. Now, I’m not a gamer, or even a big movie addict, but I spent some time researching the notorious, and brutally vicious rivalry between […]

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A question about Google’s CEO….

Pichai. A CEO of a world-leading company. It’s extremely profitable. It’s leader holds extreme talent and influence. He is in the position to help their motherland- which they owe a lot to (Food,water, parent’s, environment, and influence). The question is- is he doing wrong by not helping India out, now that they are in the […]

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Duty vs. Utilitarianism.

It’s either you or the future. Nothing stands in the way. You know what the future holds and you have a choice: To go to Harvard University and live a great life, or to let another person take your spot. However, that person is destined to form a company with his fellow alumini and change […]

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Do we have any real power?

It happened. The 9th US Circuit Court of appeals continued to persist on blocking Trump’s radical Immigration ban. But instead of giving a sigh of relief, I felt as if we were betrayed of what we had built the U.S about. The people. And I find it quite alarming that it took so dang long […]

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The Incredibility Behind Math.

Math is really an incredible subject to me; not as a base subject but rather the philosophical miracle behind it. It’s arduous, multifarious, convoluted makeup is so indecipherable, so labyrinthine, that even the most accomplished scholars can’t ever crack down on it. This complex demeanor is so deep, we generally can’t explain it’s inclusion in […]

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What IS justice? For example, if a murder case was going on, and the criminal had killed the victim only out of his opinion that shooting the victim was a utilitarian thing to do, should he be arrested or let go?   Of course, most of you will probably say yes. The murderer KILLED something […]

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Why we still procrastinate.

Admit it- you’ve done it. And if you are anything like, me (until recently, but that’s for another time), procrastination is a daily routine- but it doesn’t do much good for you. You stress out, finish things last minute and can even fail to turn something in from time to time- but procrastination does have […]

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