iPhone- Happy 10th Birthday!

I know I’ve been kind of harsh to the iPhone, talking about it’s lack of competency when compared to the competition. But before all that, before Android could remotely have a shot at being the system it is today, there was something better. Something innovative. Something new. 10 Years and 1 day ago, Steve Jobs […]

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Oppo R11: A shrugging iPhone 7.

Oppo isn’t the first name you think of when we talk about budget smartphones, and r11 doesn’t really change that. It’s really a shrugged improvement over the R9, featuring an improved Snapdragon 660, paired with 6 Gigs of RAM as it’s most powerful option. The display is the normal 1080p resolution, and the battery level […]

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WWDC-Part 2

So, let’s start with iPads. Yeah- it’s nothing amazing. They’ve got good multitasking, which once again, barely makes the cut when it comes down to a need in 2017. They’ve got a new chip as well, which makes it 30% faster, but it’s not nearly as much of a “beast” as the Galaxy Tab S3, […]

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WWDC- Pretty decent.

iOS 11. MacOS. Mac. And right now, I’m wholesomely disappointed, yet vigorously excited. iOS 11 brings a strong plethora of refinements, including a more conversational Siri, better compression in the camera, a redesigned app drawer in Messages, and a new control and notification center. Minute refinements, if you ask me. But to be honest, they […]

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