Nexus 5x- RIP review…

Well, it happened. Techies, you know what I mean. A little over a week ago, my daily driver breathed it’s unexpected last the same way almost every other Nexus 5x does. The infuriating startup of death. I was literally just listening to music on the bus, when it unexpectedly shut off. I truned it back […]

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what we know about the pixel

It’s October 4rth. Aka, it’s #madebygoogleday Which means, new Pixels. And here’s the realistic stuff we know about the Pixel 2, and how it matters. HTC and LG made the Pixel 2 series- LG’s manufacturing identity can be found in FCC Filings, and we saw Google pay $1.1 Billion dollars for a good chunk of […]

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The iPhone – letdown or legend?

Well, the leaks said it all. We all saw the iPhone X even before it launched, I guess. And I said this before- it was quite an over-hyped upgrade. Fast Charging? Cool. Wireless Charging? Cool. Bezel-killing screen? Also cool. A 2k display? Really cool. Face ID? Cool. Issue is- we’ve all seen these features before, […]

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iPhone- Happy 10th Birthday!

I know I’ve been kind of harsh to the iPhone, talking about it’s lack of competency when compared to the competition. But before all that, before Android could remotely have a shot at being the system it is today, there was something better. Something innovative. Something new. 10 Years and 1 day ago, Steve Jobs […]

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Oppo R11: A shrugging iPhone 7.

Oppo isn’t the first name you think of when we talk about budget smartphones, and r11 doesn’t really change that. It’s really a shrugged improvement over the R9, featuring an improved Snapdragon 660, paired with 6 Gigs of RAM as it’s most powerful option. The display is the normal 1080p resolution, and the battery level […]

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