A question about Google’s CEO….

Pichai. A CEO of a world-leading company. It’s extremely profitable. It’s leader holds extreme talent and influence. He is in the position to help their motherland- which they owe a lot to (Food,water, parent’s, environment, and influence). The question is- is he doing wrong by not helping India out, now that they are in the […]

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A modular smartphone on a budget???

MWC has been quite the astonishment this year, with a multitude of creative innovations in almost every market, LG with a smartphone for everyone, Motorola with some seriously pretty budget smartphones that have an insane bang-for-your-buck proposition, Blackberry’s new take on a smartphone keyboard, Nokia’s “Pixel-perfect” entry into the world of Androids, Sony’s spec behemoth, […]

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The spec-superhero of Q1 2017

Specs? Here they are. It’s new flagship that holds a 5.5-inch 4K display that crams 801 pixels per inch, which make it scientifically impossible to see pixels on the screen. Sadly enough, it still has an LCD, despite the fact that it’s a pretty gorgeous one. It can shoot at 960 frames per second. That’s bewilderingly […]

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Lg G6: Something Special

Oh: As sad as I am to see the Lg G5 go, I’m *extremely* excited to see the G6 take it’s place. It’s a solid new product from the company, coupled with gimmicks that most of us will actually LIKE. Modularity didn’t work, but I’m positive that a new form factor, great build quality, a […]

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Isolation- an experiment.

Ever heard of solitary confinement? You probably have- it’s a quite torturous punishment that secludes you from the rest of society for an unknown amount of time. Speaking of, when you are all alone, with no indication of legitimate timings, you lose track of it. Radically. You lose an accurate perception of time, and revert […]

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Is Google Assistant expanding?

So, for some odd reason, Google Assistant is perking upon the likes of numerous Android phones after Google released, what may have been, a faulty Alpha update to the Android app. Does this mean that Google Assistant may soon be coming to your device? Well, the answer is still shaky, but here’s what we’ve got […]

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Tesla-like Bicycles?

Ever heard of VanMoof? You probably haven’t- it’s a fairly new Deutsche startup that focuses on creating expensive, smart, and refined city bicycles. Their products seem to have a majestic,  and rather genteel physical approach to them, providing a seamlessly crafted chasse, and slim structure, masked by rich silver or black, slapped on by a […]

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