Introducing: Project Episodes.

Today, @overtherock is releasing its first and most optimistic project before the #improv event- Episodes.

So, what is Project Episodes?

It’s a newly developed project exclusive to @overtherock which will allow anyone to browse through multiple originally produced and written series’ by @overtherock.

These series’ will be composed of multiple “Episodes”- artfully written stories/documentaries that will remain subject to whatever the series is about.

You can think of it like the episodes on TV, where they have been limited to, until now.

Now, you can browse through your favorite series from @ovetherock, without worrying about recording them. It’s always there on the database- a single search, and you’re good to go. Sometimes you’re low on earbuds but you don’t want to miss out on your favorite shows- now you can catch up on all your @overtherock favorites without missing out on your favorite shows, just because you forgot to bring a pair.

Want to know what’s coming? Tune into our upcoming catalog to see showtimes for your favorite series’ and stay ahead of the game.

I’m also proud to announce the release of our first series: The Final Blow- A thrilling documentary about the problematic American Education System- What’s wrong about it, it’s terrible, corruptional behaviors, and all it’s specific faults that make it heavily outdated. 


Yours Truly,