Our workplace is designed to be relaxed, open, luxurious, and modern, complete with lounge areas and studios exclusively made for our writers and other partners that make Over The Rock what it is today. We call the place Lounge- designed for you to be able to relax and be efficient wherever you are.

Our lounges come in different themes, some of which focus on the city, outdoors, or even homes, all of which boast different features and perks.

Active Lounges:


This city themed lounge is our Novi Headquarters. It remixes classic styling with a modern day twist, as if it sat in the bustling downtown of New York City. Like the city, it truly comes alive at night.

  • It features a full lounge area, complete with modern, remixed city photography, and abstract art, a brick-wall fountain, a bass-filled Bluetooth speaker, and colored lighting. 2 card decks are available, as well as a table to play and eat at the same time.
  • The zen-themed studio features a speaker, suede-tablecloth, and some amazing studio lighting all around.
  • It features a basic suite with a private bathroom.

When it comes to great work, great perks come with it.