Say hello to Composed- App by @overtherock.


Unfortunately, we’ve decided to shift our work to an upscale internet- meaning no apps are available for now =(


Today, I’m announcing the official complimentary app to Over The Rock- Composed. An app designed for you in mind.

Say hello to Composed- A new app by @overtherock that intertwines the memories of the past and the rush of the present, all into one. It also features Hello- a new assistant designed to provide you with what you need right when you need it.

Composed is composed of 3 different aspects- Say Hello, The New, And Hello Snapshot.

Say Hello is a social media platform with design in mind, which is as simple as the idea: Take a singular, unedited shot, write a caption and post it for you and your personalized friends to see, like, and comment on. And unlike some other social media services, every shot you post can stick for as long as you like, whether that be for a second, or a year.

Say Hello’s design is just as simple: A feed of card-themed posts will be on your dashboard from those who you want to connect with. On the top, you get 3 options to choose from- write, take a shot, or capture a video. Nothing less. Everything you need to post is there, anytime, anywhere.

Then, we have “The New”- The universal news feed straight from @overtherock, designed with the eye in mind, however other news channels may be a possibility in the near future.

And last, but not least, there is “The Now”- where Hello Assistant has what you need to capture your moment, right at your fingertips. The Weather, Location, Sound Recorder, Stocks, and Camera are all present at an instant’s notice- with the simplistic design to match.

The app is still new and is a bit slower to load up than what I would have liked it to, but any upcoming updates should help resolve that. It will not be featured in the primary app stores to keep it in a closed community system- for those who truly want to live “Over The Rock”.

As for now, the App is available for iOS and Android, with the links down below.

Note: Before you install, please allow your phone to install “unknown sources” as this app is not in their primary store. Also, special thanks to AppyPie for helping this app go live- it’s a great app building software that gets the basics done in a truly customizable way.