The designer face of @overtherock- Introducing Midnight.


To further cross our goal of creating defining products, we’ve decide to shift our focus from media to technology. Unfortunately that means Midnight is no longer part of the family.

Getting inspired was once complicated- it took time, effort, and a whole bunch of sweat. @overtherock changed that-now a single article is all it takes to have a voice. But now, we’re changing it again.

Introducing-Midnight. The new face of @overtherock. Designed with design in mind.

Midnight is something new and fresh in the media industry, where looks matter.

Today, we introduce to you the biggest game-changer in media as you know it.


Explosive colors matched seamlessly with a simplistic layout, stunning looks, and beautiful animations. It captures you entirely on the experience, shapes and all. ONly the best and most seamless looks make it in, no questions asked. It’s bold, it’s daring and it has a whole new perception of how you perceive things. It’s premium news, brought to you by the finest.

It’s characteristics never go out of style-even a time traveling 80-year old would be astounded. Just sit back and watch the glory of great design come alive in your eyes like never before. It’s an unmatched experience that not even the biggest news outlets can compete with- it’s that legendary. And it’s free to use, and available now. So experience @overtherock in it’s finest, shimmering glory as we begin to pursue the path of premium inspiration. There’s something about the great design that does something to you- and Midnight does exactly that.So don’t wait. The clock is ticking, and you have a chance to see the future of news sit right in front of you and work its magic like never before.