Sorry, I missed the air time for TSTE4. Things have been a bit busy for us this summer. 

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if clinton won.

I came across this article today, which had a very similar name. It was set in the alternative earth in which Clinton won. But for a second, lets take this into hand. What if just a few more people came to vote- most of which, in terms of popular vote , would have most likely […]

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You may soon lose access to YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, and a whole lot of other services.

Read this. All of you. I know these two words- net neutrality-seem intimidating, but they aren’t. Just, read on. Net Neutrality, in short, allows you to access whatever is in the public internet without your internet provider slowing down, or possibly censoring your access to whatever websites they want. To summerize, at it’s worst, net […]

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the nighttime

I haven’t done a rambling post in quite a while, so I guess I’m doing one now. So, the nighttime. I’ve always been a big fan of the night. It’s when the city really feels like it’s coming alive, crowded by the contrast of lights paired with the black, inky background that is the sky. […]

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The attacks on CNN need to stop.

Wow. Honestly, wow. I’m going to say this right off the bat- #blackmailCNN is consisted with the same BS that we saw with #firecolbert.  This defenceless bullshit needs to stop. Recently, Donald Trump, the President Of The United States tweeted out a video and deciphered CNN as a victim of Trump’s wrestling. The video was […]

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Happy Fourth of July!

Well today is America’s independence day. The country with the most powerful economy in the world. The most powerful military, and the one that keeps on innovating. So let’s just get straight to it. Here’s the greatest combination of 4 things about America that no other country can come remotely close to. -Innovation In America, […]

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